☆ commission status: open! ☆

hello! thank you for visiting <3
interested in a commission? please take a look at my pricing and visit my terms of service page first!
if you have any additional questions, please feel free to dm me! i am more than happy to help

☆✦ pricing info ✦☆

payment types accepted:
ko-fi, stripe, cash app, paypal


* Full color + shading: $80
* Flat color (no shading): $55
* Lineart: $35


* Full color + shading: $70
* Flat color (no shading): $45
* Lineart: $25


* Full color + shading: $60
* Flat color (no shading): $45
* Lineart: $20

Additional Info

✦ Each additional character is +50% of the single character cost (up to two additional characters per commission)✦ Default background is solid color - more complex backgrounds can be included for an additional cost based on complexity✦ Overly complex outfits and/or props may require an additional fee

☆✦ terms of service ✦☆

What I will draw

✓ Original characters
✓ Fanart
✓ Ships
✓ OC x canon/self-ship
✓ Light blood/gore
✓ Non-human characters
✓ Real people (your friends, partners, etc.)

What I wont draw

✖ Full NSFW
✖ Mechas/robots
✖ Certain ships
✖ Hateful messages
✖ Depictions of abuse

The Process

✦ Please fill out the google form (link attached below) to provide commission info✦ Upon commission acceptance, I will DM you! Full payment* is required up front - once payment is accepted, I will begin the sketching phase as soon as possible* If the commission price is over $100, a 50% deposit can be arranged if needed!✦ Initial sketches will be sent to you for approval - at this stage, changes to the composition are allowed at no extra cost✦ Once sketches are sent, no refunds may be requested. In the event that I have to cancel a commission on my end after payment has already been received, I will issue a full refund on your behalf✦ After final sketch is approved, I will move onto lining/coloring and updates will be sent periodically until final product is complete! Minor changes may be requested (ex. color fixes, facial expression changes, etc.) at this stage, but larger changes to the composition may require an extra fee✦ Please allow a turnover time of 2 - 4 weeks depending on complexity. If a specific deadline is needed, please discuss this with me and we can work something out!

Additional Info

☆ I do not give permission for any of my artwork to be used in the creation or promotion of NFTs in any way☆ Non-commercial use only☆ Using commissions for profile pics, headers, etc (personal use) is perfectly fine!☆ If you want your commission to remain private (aka you don't want me posting it to my social media), just let me know! Otherwise, I will assume that the possibility of me doing so is okay

Link to google form for commission request: here!

(direct link if hyperlink doesn't work: https://forms.gle/qA6gHY8NNXinQNTy6)